Healthy cooking with quality stainless steel cookwares

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Cooking is one of the great joys of life but sometimes we can feel a little uninspired or as though we are stuck in a routine. Of course we would like to keep things interesting, tasty and healthy. Stainless steel cookware is ideal for cooking meats, vegetables, sauces and soups, not to mention the curries, stir fries and risottos that will bring a taste of the world to your kitchen. 


Oil is necessary to prevent sticking because it acts as a barrier between the pan and the food, but you DON'T need too much with top quality stainless steel cookware. Just enough to coat the bottom of the pan should be plenty, unless your recipe specifically calls for more. As there is no fatty ingredient required when cooking with stainless steel, your cooking is all the way healthier!


Stainless steel is not only one of the most versatile, durable and reliable metals on the market, it is also well-known for being a very "safe" and “healthy” cookware option as it is not reactive with foods. On the other hand, aluminum, copper and Teflon cookware has been proven to be harmful to our health, so steer clear!

Stainless steel is a unique high-quality alloy containing chromium (for resistance to rust and tarnishing) and nickel (for taste neutrality). The label 18/10 can be explained by metal’s composition – it is made up of 18% chrome for long lasting products, and 10% nickel which considerably improves the material's taste neutrality. 


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