Easy Iced Tea Recipes

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Easy Iced Tea Recipes

Iced tea is one of those drinks that tastes good during any time of the year. Whether it's a hot day or you've just finished an exhilarating workout, this drink is almost guaranteed to put your thirst at ease. Below we have compiled three of our favourite iced tea recipes that take just a few moments to prepare. Enjoy!

1. Lemon Cranberry Iced Tea

Serves 8 Cups | 10 minutes of Prep Time


8 cups of water

3 - 4 black tea bags

¾ cup of white sugar

3 tbsp of thawed cranberry juice concentrate

2 freshly squeezed lemons

Garnish with mint leaves, cranberries, and lemon disc slices


Boil 3 cups of water  and let tea bags steep for 7 minutes (until water has fully absorbed tea). In a carafe or large pitcher, pour in 5 cups of water. Add in the other 3 cups once the tea has steeped. Mix sugar and stir until it dissolves. Squeeze lemons and stir the fresh juice into tea. Once everything is mixed, let tea cool in fridge. Garnish drinks with cranberries, lemon disc slices, and mint leaves.


2. Lemon Mint Iced Tea

Serves 8 Cups | 10 Minutes of Prep Time


1 cup of fresh mint leaves

1 cup of garden-fresh basil

1 oz of fresh lemon juice

1 lemon cut into thin discs

8 cups of boiling water

⅓ cup of natural sweetener (Agave syrup)


In a carafe or large pitcher, muddle mint and basil together in 8 cups of boiling water for 10 minutes.Stir in lemon juice and natural sweetener (agave syrup) to mixture. Add lemon discs into tea, pop in some ice, and let it cool by refrigerating. Once it’s chilled and ready to serve, garnish it with a lemon and voila! You’re ready to enjoy this caffeine-free iced tea.

3. Tropical Iced Tea

Serves 4-6 Cups | 10 minutes of Prep Time


2 cups of boiling water

3 Black & Green tea bags

1 cup of pineapple juice

¼ cup of Grenadine

Orange slices


Boil 2 cups of water, then let tea bags steep for 6 minutes. While tea is steeping, prepare glasses with ice cubes. Pour in the pineapple juice to go halfway up the glass and then add in 1-2 teaspoons of Grenadine. Once the water has cooled, pour the tea into the remainder of the glass. Do not stir until you’re ready to drink. Pop a thin orange slice into the mixture for visual appeal.


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