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Kitchenware Without Compromise

Kitchenware has become complicated. With so many options, varying qualities of materials, and trends that come and go; it often leaves one in a state of confusion and indecisiveness. Hutch Kitchen was created with the idea to simplify the kitchenware shopping process, letting you focus instead on the pleasures of cooking.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Hutch Kitchen is Canada’s newest contemporary online retail kitchenware and accessories company. We specializing in providing unique, European designed products that will inspire you to cook like a professional. Our kitchenware is carefully curated to deliver aesthetic appeal, functionality, and superior culinary performances.

When Hutch Kitchen was first launched, our main goal was simple: to offer kitchenware products that provide both a trusted and timeless quality, while maintaining a distinct personality. We also wanted to offer the local community a premium customer journey where they could discover high quality products without the extravagant cost associated - we feel strongly that our online store has accomplished this.

We we offer a wide range of kitchenware items, and we feel that Hutch Kitchen truly is kitchenware without compromise. Our award-winning research and development team have helped infuse innovation and creativity into each and every single item. By using 18/10 stainless steel, tempered glass, PFOA-free materials, sustainable bamboo and durable silicone, we’re not only able to meet the industry’s high standard of quality; we are able to surpass it. We take pride in being able to provide kitchenware that last longer, and also reduce our carbon footprint.  

Yet, we understand that providing high quality products is not enough, and that is why we’re emphatically devoted to educating those who wish to improve their culinary skills. In addition to providing online care and guide instructions for our products, we will be offering educational blogs on a broad spectrum of kitchen topics. We feel that offering Canadians premium kitchenware and accessories, while educating and improving their culinary skills will help them foster an even greater pleasure for cooking, without compromising quality. 

Hutch Kitchen Fridge Carafe

Our signature carafes inspire you to create unique infused beverages perfect for the summer time.

AL-P Series Frying Pan

We don't cut corners on quality. Our 18/10 stainless steel was made to inspire the chef in you.



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